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Gynaecologist Dr Ritu Petkar

Gynecologist in Viman Nagar


A Holistic Gynecology Clinic for Women Health , Natural Birthing and Fertility Care.

Dr Ritu Petkar Gynaecologist in Viman Nagar


Dr. Ritu Petkar is an Obstetrician and Gynaecologist known for her holistic integrated approach to managing pregnancy and other gynecological concerns in women. She is passionate about women's reproductive health. Her motto is to create awareness about natural birthing in pregnant women and awareness about reproductive health which is mainly neglected by women at large.

Dr. Ritu completed her Medical Schooling - (MBBS) at the prestigious Nair Hospital.  Following her passion to work in the field of women's health she took Gynecology as her area of specialty. She secured Gold Medal in her DGO examination. Later she completed her DNB in Obstetrics & Gynecology.  Further on went on to do Fellowship in Gynecological Oncology (Cancers) and Palliative Care and had minimal access to Surgeries. Her mission is to create awareness about Natural Birthing and rekindle the sacred connection between a woman and her womanhood.

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Need To Discuss Your Gynaecological Problems?

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Gynova Clinic

For women of all ages

On-site blood collection 

Hygiene and sterility maintained

Holistic approach

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When to Consult a Gynaecologist?

Pregnancy and Birthing

Hey, there is much more beyond pregnancy!

  • Menstrual Problems - (commonly addressed as Periods) 

  • Painful/heavy / Irregular / Scanty

  • PCOS 

  • Difficulty in conceiving a baby.

  • Detected with ovarian cysts and fibroids 

  • Accidental Pregnancies and Contraceptive Advice.

  • PAP smear and Cervical Cancer Vaccination.

  • Menopausal health and a healthy journey ahead.

Know about Natural Birthing

Natural birthing is a way of birthing, where, the body and mind are groomed and prepped holistically to welcome the birth of a baby vaginally.
The purpose and the process involve educating the to-be mother about her body and the positioning of her baby, building confidence in herself, and defying fear regarding birthing vaginally.

Natural birthing involves no minimalistic medical intervention. Pain relief is achieved by other alternative methods. Water birthing is a well-known and tested way of Natural Birthing.


What Patients Say

Sarita M

I consulted her on a Video call and until I got relief she guided me on every step from which hospital to, which test, and in all decisions, she was there. So she is not just a Doctor but a good human being which is very much required when we go to the doctor.

Samiksha W

Hi this is Samiksha, my experience with Dr. Ritu during my pregnancy and delivery was something I will cherish forever in my life… my delivery happened right during pandemic 1st wave and both my mother and mother in law being admitted due to covid, Dr. Ritu made sure I was stress free and I was super impressed with her professionalism yet mother like nature. I’m thankful to her for delivering my baby completely Naturally Vaginally and making sure we both were safe.

Nirmal C

I went to the doctor with recurring lower abdomen. She treated me with dietary changes and other lifestyle changes which she emphasised as important to prevent recurrences. 
I am very happy with her treatment and my problem hasn't comeback after that visit to the doctor.

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